Old book, new understanding…

15 August 2020

Yet he was always the seeker. The seeker of something that lay continually beyond his reach. Eagerly he sought that mystical something in the heart of a rose, the face of a child, or the tenderness of a woman. He could not find the love that his life was spent in seeking.

‘Thou art the seeker, but there are others too, countless millions, walking before thee, behind thee, or beside thee. The answer is God—and God lies within as Jesus said that day upon the mountainside, ‘The kingdom of God is within you!’

From Stranger by the River, by Paul Twitchell

This book has been a constant companion for many years, the haunting beauty of its prose source of contemplation and reflection. Yet, this time around, in the reading, in allowing the musical flow of its words to penetrate deeply within my heart, it has become new and fresh bringing new understanding and insights.

I had no idea, those many years ago, still very much a child, that is seeking love in another, I was looking for God. The word ‘God’ in itself was anathema to me when so much pain had been inflicted in Its name. It has been a fresh discovery to understand that, as the writer continues:

the form was only the instrument through which love seeks it way into the world.

Who would have thought that falling in love was a key to find Divine Love? That it was the opportunity to learn to give and receive love in all its facets and to do so unconditionally, completely, without reservation. How blessed I feel in this novel understanding! 💙

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