A premonition prepares me for an unexpected outcome

I am back after some living in the fast lane for a short while. Last week I had a heart attack, but I survived to tell the tale and gained much from the experience. Without going into a long story, on the same day as I had this unexpected health episode I was back home, faithfully promising the hospital to return for them to do further exams and use a stent to bypass the occlusion that was creating problems. And…I had a dream. I was travelling down a one-way-street, but in the wrong direction. Police cars were driving fast towards me, sirens screaming, lights flashing. “Uh oh”, I thought on waking, “I wonder what it means, but I suspect it’s not a promising outcome.”

In the next couple of days, having discovered that my veins were shaped like curly noodles, the unsuccessful couple of attempts to insert stents came as no surprise. But, prepared, as I was by the dream, I took it all in my customary positive stride ready and open to other possibilities. Life is such a wonderful adventure and I greatly value what each day brings, no matter what form it takes.

June 19, 2020

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