Finding gifts in dreams

I woke up this morning, glad to remember my dreams because, when I don’t, I feel I miss the opportunity to benefit from the hidden messages contained within. One of them was about chatting with my next door neighbour (an inner entity) and comparing the way our gardens appeared. Mine was rather arid- looking, clearly showing the results of my water-saving efforts to assist our dry land. My neighbour’s, in comparison, was luscious and green and teeming with life, flowers and foliage attracting birds and insects. When I passed a comment about the comparison I was making, he smiling replied, “True, but you are so happy.” And I realised I was!

At times I have regretted (but not really, it’s only a fleeting thought because I live in the present), that I had been unable to embrace living a spiritual life sooner. But doing so would have deprived me of so many opportunities for growing and learning from the gifts each moment presents.

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